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When a man doesn’t like the size of his pen and wants to become tireless lovers, doctors recommend using Maral Gel.

On the official website you can find information about what is original Maral Gel, how to use the product, where to buy it in the Philippines and what its price is. You will also find reviews, comments and opinions about Maral Gel on the forums.

What is Maral Gel?

Gel for men is a powerful bio-agent against erectile dysfunction. The results of his testing are amazing – 96, 9% of 800 volunteers tested noted an increase in the duration of intercourse by 2 times, in 98% – the pen increased in length by 3-6 cm or more, 100% – began to receive previously unknown sensations during orgasm.

Maral Gel fully fulfills its purpose and emerges victorious in the fight against weak erection, decreased libido and premature ejaculation. And, as a result, it increases the pen by 3-6 cm in length after the course application.

Mode of application

Maral Pen Enlargement Gel ensures the natural growth of the corpora cavernosa of the pen through powerful blood flow. Strengthening the circulation of blood and lymph in the pelvic organs expands the membranes of the cavities, they stretch, fill with these two fluids, this adds sentiment in length and diameter.

  • Apply the gel daily to the pen along the entire length, covering all areas. Rub until completely absorbed.
  • Course regular application – 30 days
  • In case of planned intimacy, apply the gel half an hour before the start of the act.

The presence of only natural ingredients in the composition makes the use of Maral Gel safe. It can be used by men of any age. The product has no side effects.

Original price: 3980 ₱

Special price: 1990 ₱

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